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Building your dream home is a huge endeavour so surrounding yourself with the right team is essential. From architects and designers to builders and tradespeople, trusting the right people to bring your unique vision to life can be harder said than done. 

One of the best ways to encourage a stress-free and seamless building journey is to engage a design and construct builder. This service sees the same team work closely with you from concept to completion, overseeing the entire process to ensure continuity and clear communication. However, that’s not the only benefit of working with a design and construct builder.

1. Reduce risk of budget blowout

Architects are great designers, but there can sometimes be a disconnect between their vision and the actual building costs, as they can only work to estimates. By opting for a design and construct builder, you can close this gap, ensuring that your design vision matches your budget from the very beginning.

All three involved parties can talk through the budget early in the process, meaning everyone is on the same page, reducing the likelihood of additional costs. Your project can be submitted for approvals with confidence it meets your budget instead of realising it’s far over after approvals are in place.

2. Same point of contact

The one team in a design and construct service will be by your side from initial stages through to the handing over of the keys, streamlining the process and alleviating a lot of the stress that can arise during your build. Instead of being a mediator between architect and builder, you can relax knowing that you have an expert in your corner overseeing everything for you.

Having that single point of contact also means resolving problems and making changes is easier throughout. Having the one team on your side from day one allows for a stress-free building process.

3. Realistic results (specialist knowledge)

Builders spend their days working with a wide range of materials, employing varying techniques and staying abreast of the latest developments in the industry. This means they are the experts when it comes to construction feasibility and making the best decisions for your home.

When you engage a design and construct builder, you’re privy to that knowledge from the planning stage. This will mean your final plans will be realistic and you’ll be able to bring them to life within your budget and timelines. 

4. Shorter timelines

A design and construct builder is arguably the most streamlined residential construction service on the market, meaning the time between starting out and moving into your home is often faster than traditional processes. While external forces – such as council approvals – can affect this, having a single team looking after your project means you don’t have to wait for any third parties.

Your project will already be scheduled into construction programs before approval is received compared to just starting to contact builders once approvals are in hand and waiting for the tender process.

5. Higher quality 

A high-quality builder will surround themselves with a team who share their ethos of outstanding craftsmanship. Choosing a design and construct service means this quality should extend to every person involved in the design and construction of your home. It reduces the risk of bringing unknown parties into the mix, instead ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal of an excellent end product.


To find out more about engaging a design and construct builder to help create your new home, get in touch with the team at Baker Developments. Our fresh, collaborative approach means your home will be planned better, managed better and built better.

Jenny Matek

Jenny has a passion for building and design and enjoys collaborating with a professional dynamic team. The Baker Developments values of being market leaders as boutique builders compliments Jenny’s strong communication skills and detailed management style.

With experience completing a number of renovations and builds herself prior to joining the team at Baker Developments, Jenny provides a unique insight that assists every client that entrusts Baker Developments with their project investment. With every clients project unique, Jenny understands that providing a high level of service is invaluable to a successful project and delivering above expectation to clients is always at the forefront.

Jenny is creative in her approach as she has a background in interior design however with years of experience in the project home industry thrives on detailed project management that ensures projects are completed in a suitable timeframe with the highest level of finish. To extend her building knowledge to benefit every project, Jenny is currently completing a Certificate IV in Building and Construction focused in Construction Management from TAFE NSW.