Our fresh, collaborative approach delivers a solid foundation to tailor your project, bridging the gap between your VISION and the REALISATION of your dream home.

A construction project can be complex and daunting, but engaging the right team from the get go will make the process run far more smoothly, be much more enjoyable and ultimately maximise the outcomes for YOU and the realisation of YOUR DREAM HOME.

At Baker, we know from experience that planning and managing design and construct concurrently from the outset saves time, stress and unnecessary cost throughout the project. Our approach is simple; Planned better, Managed better, Built better. We truly LOVE building, and we want you to love the process of your build as well as the outcome.

Transparency, trust, relationships and quality are at the centre of everything we do. We love creative problem solving, and thrive on achieving amazing results within constraints; consistently exceeding expectations. By striking the right balance between creativity and practicality, vision and reality, we ensure your investment is spent where it can best deliver on your vision, within your budget, in a suitable time-frame and always with our signature top notch Baker finishes.

Adam Baker has been immersed in all aspects of the building industry for over ten years. He is deeply passionate about delivering exceptional results and a seamless experience for every single client with each unique design and construct project.

With a business degree under his belt, Adam went on to complete his apprenticeship in construction. Building projects are complex, and understanding all aspects
of the process is essential to effectively manage all the moving parts. Whilst working as a project manager, he completed his masters in construction project management before establishing Baker Developments.

Our passionate, dedicated and exceptionally skilled team, along with our network of like-minded professionals, are aligned in our brand mission, which is an inclusive, collaborative and outcome driven approach that leads to an effortless process and a beautiful custom build that YOU and your family love.

Baker Developments is a proud member of the Housing Industry Association