Rawson Ave

Vaulted roof and highlight windows to increase light and space and living areas.

Higher ceilings were a dream for these clients who needed to let more light in and create a sense of space.


With a dream to have high ceilings the clients worked with an architect who brought their vision to paper. Instead of putting a traditional second story addition on, this client decided to extend the ceiling height to a 4 meter level. The family love to be together and the design improved their living areas by inviting much more light into the space with the vaulted curved roof and operable highlight windows.

Baker developments was engaged to complete the construction phase of this project prior to the plans being ready to build from. Baker Developments engaged their engineer so they could work with them hand-in-hand to get the plans to a state where they could be built and still achieve the design intent from the clients.


Extensive changes were made to the design of the roof to allow for stormwater against the boundary of the attached property.Interior of the project was also very challenging to create this curved look with the finish Gybrock ceiling as well as running kitchen joinery all the way to the extended height ceilings.