When deciding on whether to renovate or rebuild, sometimes there are too many changes that need to occur to create your vision. The dilemma occurs when you love where you live and have the right land area for you but your home does not meet your needs. To renovate would be to compromise on some of your wish list and can prove costly in old homes.

The solution would then be to knockdown and rebuild. During the design and approval phase, Baker Developments work with their designers and you to create the home of your dreams within your budget. Harmony is reached as you are able to live comfortably in your home whist the design and council approvals are obtained.

Powered by comprehensive knowledge of designing to council requirements, Baker Developments evaluate the opportunities of your land and consult with key consultants to ensure no delays will be received in obtaining approvals.

Baker Developments with their team of consultants work to provide a tick next to every want provided by your needs. As professional builders, decisions can be made on the spot on design as their expertise will allow you to make informed decisions to ensure your budget works for you.