The most cost effective approach to a construction project is to engage in a design and construct service. The primary focus with this service is the budget, which is identified early in the process and continuously maintained through a highly collaborative process.

By being a design and construct focused company with qualified project and site management personnel, Baker Developments thrives on an efficient and cost-effective approach to buildability; prioritising cost controls up front, but never compromising on quality.

As professional builders, craftsmen and project managers, the Baker team collaborates shoulder-to-shoulder with our design team in real time, ensuring the client’s vision, needs and priorities are always central.

We pride ourselves on complete transparency and open, inclusive communication throughout the project, from start to finish. Clients receive regular progress presentations allowing for continual opportunities to provide feedback.

This not only saves time and money, but most importantly, manages expectations and maximises outcomes.

Baker Developments have built strong relationships with key consultants to get projects started off on the right foot and get approvals in place in a timely manner.
The total project timeline is therefore compressed by the Design and Construct service as a result of multiple activities occurring concurrently. Designing whilst procuring for construction is efficient, seamless and ultimately sees your investment going further towards your vision for your dream home.